Hi! We’re Minchō, a three-month magazine released with the aim of spreading the latest trends in illustration and to promote the personal projects of those artists lying behind the masterpieces of animated cinema, comic, poster art, typography, video games, children’s books… and who have created the most significant icons of our time. Minchō is an exchange of glances between critics and artists about the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression. We love the papery smell of a good book or a sleek magazine and that’s why we want to give you access to this world we’re passionate for in a superb print edition.


Francisco J. Carrasco Natalia Giménez Cid


Natalia Alonso Arduengo
Miriam Arnedo
Carlos Azcuaga Hernández
José Antonio Barrionuevo
Roberto Bartual
Dana Blanco
Mariola Campo
Lucia Cavalchini
Irene Cuesta Mayor
Alberto García Marcos
Gabriela Díaz Figuls
Elisa McCausland
Gleen Sheehan
Álex Orma
Garry McLauhghin

Manuel Garrido Barberá
Valeria Giampietro
Rodrigo González Bermejo
Rocío Madrid
Francesc Xavier Manuel
Côme Martin
Sergio Martínez Luna
Hazel Morley
Pepo Pérez
Álvaro Pons
Álvaro R. de la Rubia
Cintia Shapiro
Sissa Verde
Roberto Vidal

Art Direction



Lauren O'Hagan
Nicola Beedle



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