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Most of us agree that 2020 was unlike any other we have experienced, a time when everything change. But in a global lockdown and without parties, travels, or ambition, it has become evident the culture as a means of entertainment and escape. And also that it helps us to connect with and understand the world.


Minchō #20 is a special larger issue with contributions inspired by the pandemic crisis we are all facing, along with a selection of stories about overcoming adversities, and works that reflect on emotional problems such us frustration, anxiety, uncertainty, or loneliness, drawn from humour, beauty or action.


Our cover artist, Nadine Redlich, has illustrated these challenging times with her most resilient character so far, a stone that encourages us to be strong and to find shelter in creating, discussing and enjoying the arts inside this 152 pages issue, from beginning to end.

Illustration: Ana Jua
In Motion: Rocío Quillahuaman
Comic: Nadine Redlich (interview and cover artist) // Catherine Meurisse
Art + Design: Ruedi Baur // Paula Scher (How are you, really?)
The New Contemporary: Grayson Perry
Have a Nice Book:  Rob Moss Wilson & Alberto Blanco (The Blank Page)

Book Reviews
To See & Be Seen


PANGRAPHIC: Álvaro Bernis / Riccardo Guasco / Studio Desk / Max / Joakim Drescher / Miguel Brieva / Uncommon Creative / Velkro / Studio 5.5 / Carosello Lab / David Shrigley / Esther Pearl Watson / Dan Perjovschi

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